Tribo indígena no Acre cria game sobre sua própria história para preservar cultura local

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Abilio Diniz: Humildade é a chave para construir um time vencedor

Abilio Diniz: Humildade é a chave para construir um time vencedor –

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O que o chefe de RH da Google pensa do seu diploma? (spoiler: ele não liga a mínima)

O que o chefe de RH da Google pensa do seu diploma? (spoiler: ele não liga a mínima) –

Estudo e diplomas são fundamentais. Mas não significam nada se você não desenvolver outros conceitos.
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Are You a Micromanager? Take This Quiz to Find Out [Infographic]

Ever heard the term “helicopter parents”? They’re the hyper-present, overbearing parents who take pay excessively close attention to their kids’ experiences and problems.

Well, helicopter parents are to their kids what micromanagers are to the people they manage. While being engaged in your colleagues’ lives is important, micromanaging their every move can backfire. Overinvolvement often sends the underlying message that you don’t trust that they can successfully accomplish anything on their own. That can take a serious toll on self-confidence.

Other consequences of micromanaging include inhibiting their growth, slowing their productivity, increasing their anxiety, and making them feel like they need to wait to be told what to do.

So, what do you think: Are you a micromanager? Take the quiz below from Wrike, and then total your points to find out whether you’re a micromanager, a team player, or someone who’s being micromanaged yourself.

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Free ebook! How to Create an Annual Inbound Marketing Plan for Your Clients

The most productive agency-client relationships are true partnerships. Your client hired your agency for its expertise. They want your active guidance.
Do you have a plan for providing it to them?

The easiest and most effective way to create that partnership is to lead your clients through creating an annual inbound marketing plan. Outlining the year’s marketing plan gets you both on the same page as to the expectations for the year — what types of campaigns will be run, what the campaign goals are, and what messages will be emphasized.

When you start the year working from a marketing plan, you and the client can build a natural progression of increased activity that follows logically from the marketing activity that came before. And you and the client are able to apply lessons learned in the plan’s early stages to execute more sophisticated and effective marketing campaigns scheduled for later in the year.

By planning the year’s campaigns, you also help the client (and your agency) secure the budget they need for the year to fund the marketing campaigns. Having an annual planning session creates the opportunity for you to expand the client relationship — whether by moving a project-based client to a retainer contract or upselling the client on a larger retainer.

If you want to learn how to do annual inbound marketing planning, download our new ebook — The Inbound Marketing Planning Guide (Click on the link below).

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4 truques para perder a timidez ao falar em público

Falar em público pode ser bastante desafiador. Para ter sucesso em apresentações, o empreendedor tem de se mostrar desenvolto frente a uma plateia e, ainda por cima, não esquecer o que precisa falar.

Leia essa matéria da revista PEGN, com alguns truques para suas apresentações.

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Why Freelancers Are The Best Workforce for SMBs

👉Economy is growing every day and we are also seeing some changes in the way companies are hiring talent. Small or medium sized businesses looking to grow their workforce are no longer looking only at head count of full time employees.

Here are a few reasons why many businesses are hiring freelancers to get things done.

1. No need to settle 🆓

Because more and more people are freelancing, the pool of potential freelancers is so diverse and large that you’ll have your pick from a variety of highly talented people for a price that actually makes fiscal sense for an SMB. Freelancers also tend to be highly specialized. Hiring a few contractors, to take on job specific tasks can yield better and quicker results versus hiring full-time employees who may need training.

2. Flexibility🔁

Need a graphic designer sometimes? How about occasional content writing? Working with a freelancer offers an incredible level of flexibility to suit your business’ needs, no more and no less.

3. Freelancers are also self employed🆒

So working with freelancers means working with people who understand what it means to run a small business. Freelancers understand the challenges and unique needs of an SMB better than most people who have always been salaried employees.

4. Expanding your workforce on a budget 💲

Need more help than the few full-time employees you can afford? Get all of the services you need and stay within your personnel budget by working with a team of freelancers.

5. Not enough office space📊

With a freelancer, there is no need to change your physical space around to accommodate them unless you want to. Many freelancers are happy to come and work in the office occasionally, but this is usually pretty unnecessary.

6. Temporary help💻

With freelancers, projects can be as long or short as you need. Because you can establish this upfront, there is no risk of confusion or hard feelings on either side.

7. Minimal payroll adjustments💱

Besides the financial cost of hiring an employee, there is also the headache of arranging for and paying for all of the benefits and perks an in-house staff person is entitled to. Everything from keeping the kitchen stocked to pensions is taken off your shoulders by working with a freelancer.

🔝🔝Freelancers offer a flexible and adjustable solution for anything your business might need, and it lets you join the Gig Economy even if you’re part of the traditional workforce. In our book, working with a freelancer is one of the best decisions an SMB can make!

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20 Courses to Help Advance Your Career

🎓 You don’t need to go back to college in order to advance your career, or even strike out on your own as an entrepreneur. Here are 20 (mostly free) online courses you can do in your spare time that’ll put you on a path to building a fulfilling, long-lasting career.

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