Free ebook! How to Create an Annual Inbound Marketing Plan for Your Clients

The most productive agency-client relationships are true partnerships. Your client hired your agency for its expertise. They want your active guidance.
Do you have a plan for providing it to them?

The easiest and most effective way to create that partnership is to lead your clients through creating an annual inbound marketing plan. Outlining the year’s marketing plan gets you both on the same page as to the expectations for the year — what types of campaigns will be run, what the campaign goals are, and what messages will be emphasized.

When you start the year working from a marketing plan, you and the client can build a natural progression of increased activity that follows logically from the marketing activity that came before. And you and the client are able to apply lessons learned in the plan’s early stages to execute more sophisticated and effective marketing campaigns scheduled for later in the year.

By planning the year’s campaigns, you also help the client (and your agency) secure the budget they need for the year to fund the marketing campaigns. Having an annual planning session creates the opportunity for you to expand the client relationship — whether by moving a project-based client to a retainer contract or upselling the client on a larger retainer.

If you want to learn how to do annual inbound marketing planning, download our new ebook — The Inbound Marketing Planning Guide (Click on the link below).

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